About Us
Based in Southern California and founded in 2011, Antithesis Apparel is passionate about the connection with our community and their lifestyles.  Our ceo, K. Orange is a dancer/choreographer and health/fitness advocate.  He wanted to create a line that embraces those lifestyles by finding a unique way to connect with others that have similar interests as him.  Orange was teaching a hip hop dance class and wanted to creatively promote a different venture that he was working on at the time, which was to have a t-shirt with his endeavor printed in reverse.  This was so the students would be able to read it in the mirror while he was teaching the choreography.  He told a friend, Nasty-O who thought it would be a great idea to have an entire line of reversed shirts dedicated to dancers.  From there, the line was born and expanded to fitness and any lifestyle the lives in the mirror.
In addition to clothing, our goal is to establish a connection and share a common ground.
The dance line embraces the lifestyle of a dancer as they spend countless hours in front of the studio mirror perfecting their moves for the stage.  
Furthermore, the fitness line is designed to motivate the health advocates to "PUT IN WORK" when they're in front of the gym mirror struggling to get that last rep.
One of our main objectives is to promote the individuals we sponsor with exposure on our website, social media sites, youtube, and our marketing materials.  We believe our product endorsers are individuals that are making a positive impact.

Be on the lookout for more dope additions to the Antithesis Apparel product line.

Our Team:
We have an amazing team of photographers, graphic/web developers, and models/talent that makes it possible for Antithesis Apparel to exist.
Our graphic and web development team at OneEyeUp.com has done an incredible job of bringing our brand and vision to life. 
Our photography team mainly consisting of Troy Ladmirault of iPleasing photography and Ryan Llora 
have perfectly captured the essence of our brand.
And of course we can't forget about our models who are the talent in their respective communities that Antithesis Apparel supports.
Antithesis Apparel
"lifestyles that live in the mirror"